Is your SEO working?

When customers first come to us, they’re usually confused and have no idea where to start. The question usually start with: “I need to do seo, what can I do?” It’s a “how long is a piece of string question”. They’ve heard other business owners talk about it or say it and now they think they need it.

As digital marketing specialist, this is not the time to start pouring out knowledge and say you can do this and that to impress them. It’s time to diagnose what the customer really needs. Nine times out of ten, the real motive for any digital marketing action they take is to generate more sales and leads to the business. Seeing as they started the initial contact about SEO. Our process is to guide and advise accordingly.

If as a business owner you’re asking “Is my SEO working” then either what you currently have is not providing you benefits or you thought “if I build the site, it will come”. Now is the time to step back and ask questions:

1. Am I on the first page of Google?
2. Which pages are getting the most visits?
3. Are my landing pages good enough?
4. Are my prices optimised?
5. Does the visitor trust my website?
6. Is there anything else I can do instead?
There are so many more questions, sometimes you don’t even know which question is the first one to tackle.

When we engage customers, we come from the point of view that time = money. You can always replace money but once times is gone, it’s gone. Customers always agree that making sales / gaining leads is the end goal and most of the time this means, doing what is necessary to not waste time.

The recommendation we give our customers is that, if you think you’re SEO is not working then you need to be doing things right away that will get you quick results. Getting results is more important than SEO.

What that in mind we always recommend customers run an Adwords campaign for the simple fact it’s quick and will generate “results”. When we say “results”, what we mean is data.

At Click Metrics, we use data to help make our marketing recommendations. Without data, all you’re doing is spray and pray marketing. With data gained from Google Adwords, this will help with your marketing decisions. If the end goals is to get sales / leads then the second to end goal is to get targeted clicks to your websites. If getting targeted clicks to the websites is important then doesn’t it make sense to gain those clicks using a medium that can give it to you fast in a short time frame?

The fact of the matter is that, whatever campaign you’re doing whether its SEO or PPC, it’s going to cost you, here is what we mean:

If you’re running an SEO campaign and depending what your SEO approach is, it’s going to cost you budget with a provider on a monthly basis or you’re going to use your own labour and do it yourself and hope for the best. With this approach, there’s still no guarantee of immediate results. Imagine investing in SEO for 3-6 month shelling out X amount, and still not get anything back tangible? You might not even get increased visits or it needs 9 months of work. How would you feel? With SEO, you are at Google’s mercy. They can change their algorithms at anytime. We have known of businesses who have relied heavily on SEO for their business and when Google changed its algorithm, it affected them badly.

On the other hand, if you’re running a PPC campaign, you’re going to get immediate results / visits. What we mean by that is you’ll get visits to your site in a short amount of time. You get to analyse these stats and then make the best decision going forward. Ask yourself this:

Is it better to invest in a marketing medium that will generate quick results like PPC or invest in a medium that MIGHT generate results in the long term like SEO? The answer should be pretty obvious if you have your smart business hat on. Once the PPC is generating leads / sales (while you’re making tweaks and edits to the site) then you can revisit the SEO and start again, with a credible provider.

Our business approach to our clients is we want them to get quick results by advising properly. Time is money so invest in a marketing medium that will give you data to analyse quickly.

Case Study – We took on a customer in December 2014 who thought they needed SEO but we guided them down the route of PPC. They are now generating leads and sending sample packs out. If they chose the SEO route, we think they’ll still be waiting and still no guarantees…

If you’re asking questions about whether your SEO is working, maybe you should be asking instead:

“What thing can I do to generate quick results with a high change of getting sales / leads”, if you’re asking that then we’ll recommend PPC.

If you need help and assistance with this contact us today.

Michael Nguyen
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