Google Ads FAQs

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work so well in the past. There are many reasons why it might not have worked.

Assuming you had a good website, that was easy for customer to buy, your pricing was fair, you had a “good product”, you tested long enough, I can only assume your campaign failed due to poor management or bad keyword selection.

I wrote a report which reveals why business owners fail with Google Adwords.

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You don’t have to. You can do what you want. We’re here to show you the value of such a powerful tool. You should use Google Adwords because there is nothing else out there that can put your business on the map in front of customer that are needing your products and services today.

Some people may argue that Facebook is best. That depends. People don’t go on Facebook to make purchases. They go on Facebook to relax and chill out. In terms of being able to get in front of someone that has a urgent need and purchase intention.

Nothing beats Adwords. We can put your in front of people TODAY / the next our that want your products and services. It all comes down to the keyword intention which we know how to identify.

Yes you can. You can target customers locally or nationally depending on your business. You can target via a radius from your location or the whole country. For service based business that deal locally, we may set a 20-50 mile radius whereas an ecommerce business, we target the whole country.

You would agree to an amount that you’re willing to invest and then we can use the Google Adwords platform to set the limits. Its all 100% controllable. You can set to £5 per day or £500 per day. Whatever you wish. Its all within our control.

You can decide when the ads are run. You can set the day, date, hour, by 15 minute blocks. What days to exclude, include.

This is a real and genuine concern. The fact is, you MIGHT have competitors clicking on your ads. However Google is clever enough to register fraud clicks. They will know from their tools when a click comes from the same computer. You won’t get charged for this. We can see in the admin login fraud clicks as well. This should be a small concern because if you look at the bigger picture, you will get MORE genuine clicks than false clicks. Don’t let this small issue stop you from competing against your competitors. We quite sure our clients get fraud click (which we don’t have much control of) but we focus on the positives of the campaign which gives results.

That is the wrong question. It’s not about being at the top, it’s about getting a click from a targeted visitor to your website. We can get you to the top by bidding high enough for each click in Google. If the our bid is 20p and we are at position 2 in the ads results. We can generally bid 25-30p to get the top position number 1 position.

There is more too it such as quality scores, CTR, keyword match types and more technical terms, but generally speaking we have the ability to “buy” our way to the top of Google.

If we don’t spend the budget, then it doesn’t cost you anything. You only pay Google when someone clicks on your website. Unlike paper advertising, magazines, leaflets etc, you pay regardless if someone sees it. With Adwords, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. This is why it’s also known as PPC (Pay per click).

We know how to use Google’s tools which means we can guarantee to spend your money. Spending money on Google to invest in your stats is easy as there is tons of traffic and clicks to be gained.

Google Shopping FAQs

Google does have a limit of about 100,000 products per feed, so if you have less product, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you have more, we can always request Google to increase the limit.

The  images will be automatically produced from you website shopping cart. If you have the right software, this can all be downloaded automatically.

You will know because we can guarantee to spend your budget with Google. We know how to ensure customers see your products. It’s not a case of “how will I know”, it will be a case of “How many clicks you can afford”. Sending clicks is NOT the problem, we can do that all day long.

It depends and this is a broad question because there will be different types of costs. We can’t give you this answer until we do some initial research with our tools. We will need to do research on the cost of each click and then do some modelling to forecast the cost of making a sale. For the first phase campaign, we generally tell our customers to budget the first phase for about 3-400 clicks before we make changes. So if each click cost 20p then 400 clicks will cost £80. Data in volume is a good thing. If the click was 20p then we usually say invest £300-400 on clicks to gain data. There is not hard and fast rule. We just need to spend enough to get meaningful data to make business decision. That we can work out together by knowing the cost per click.

This depends and how you want to gain your data to make marketing decisions. Similar to the question above. It depends on the cost per click. We need to research the cost per click first. Our general rule to run a first phase campaign for at least 3-400 clicks. Based on the cost per click (which we need to research first) we can then multiply the click cost by 300 and that will be a good budget to start with. Eg:

If the click was £1 a click then a budget of £3-400 would work well.

If the click was 30p a click then a budget of £90 would work. However, when click values are so low at 20-30p, we feel you should take this opportunity and go in big and fast and still budget £2-300 to start, which would result in 1,000 clicks based on 30p a click and £300 budget. The more data the better.

If your market’s cost per click was £5 then you’re obviously going to need more budget, again we follow the 3-400 click rule.

Everything is considered on a case by case basis because there is a good reason why some clicks are little and some are considered expensive.

You will know because we can setup your tracking tools to show where the sales are coming from. You can see sales data from Google Adwords interface and you can also see the sales on your Google Analytics tools. Tracking of sales is 100% transparent and will be clear as day. Setup is required to do this though which not many people know how to do correctly.

You don’t. Just like buying a house, you wont know if it will increase in value until you own it and going through the motions. The simple answer is, you give it a try. Nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes but if TRY IT, you put yourself in a better position to gain a potential return. If you believe in advertising, then you believe in taking a chance to see what you can get out of it. Just like when you started your business, you really didn’t have an idea if it was going to work, you just did it.

If you believe your products are as good if not better than your competitors who are advertising on Google, then you make a decision to give it your best shot and let our skills help you. Speculate to accumulate.

There is no right or wrong answer. We say do both and see which campaign produces the best results. Gain data first before you start optimising.

Keywords work slightly different compared to normal Adwords text links. We don’t really use keyword with Google shopping. We dont “add” keywords with Google Shopping. The keywords which help trigger the Google image ads are picked up from your product details. So if you name your products on your website as you normally do, you will naturally start adding keywords to those products. When the Google product feed is produced, the keywords will be associated with that product and that will form the basis of your keywords.

With normal Google Adwords, you would have manually add keywords to the Adwords platform.

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