Hello friends. It’s Michael Nguyen from Click Metrics and for the last few years now, we’ve been honing our ecommerce advertising skills for our customer’s websites.

10x return on your ad spend seems to be the holy grail target for nearly all ecommerce owners that we’ve worked with. So what does that mean in practice?

It means if they spend £1,000, they would ideally want back £10,000 in website sales that came DIRECTLY from Google Ads, hence 10x return.

This means you’re willing to “give away” 10% of revenue to achieve £10,000 revenue.

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What you can’t measure you, you can’t improve. Period. It’s no different when running an Google Ads campaign. But you have to ask the right questions though.

What is the purpose of my Google Ads campaign. Most business owners will says they want leads and sales and some will say, they want to brand their business and get more exposure.

One is a short term approach and the other is a long term approach. No right or wrong answer, it’s just the model of the business. The end goal of ANY website is to get sales & conversion.

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Using Google Ads for your business is like shooting fish in a barrel. What do I mean by this? Well most businesses I speak to want sales and leads yesterday. They would love to have the branding power of Nike, or Coca Cola but most are just interested in getting a sale / lead.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach at all. This article is NOT about branding Vs sales. It’s about telling the world that you can use Google Ads to tap into a market that is ready to buy, learn more, get a quote right now.

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Google Adwords is king when it comes to direct marketing. Nothing beats Google in terms of getting in front of motivated buyers and consumers. With Google you’re able to tap into the “in demand” market which means someone, somewhere in the world is Googling for a specific product or service. Someone is ready to whip out their credit card to buy something. When someone is thinking of buying a pair of shoes, they will usually Google it, they don’t Facebook it, not in my experience anyway.
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To get the right click from Google Ads, or any traffic source, you first need to know the intention of the click. Where did that click come from? Did it come from Google search (when you Google it) or did it come from a banner ad (an ad that might have followed you around the web)?

When a user searches on Google, they type words into the search engine with an idea in mind. They’re either looking for directions to a website, they’re looking for information, or they’re looking make a purchase decision.
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