Top 5 Reasons to Use Google Ads in Your Business

Google Adwords is king when it comes to direct marketing. Nothing beats Google in terms of getting in front of motivated buyers and consumers. With Google you’re able to tap into the “in demand” market which means someone, somewhere in the world is Googling for a specific product or service. Someone is ready to whip out their credit card to buy something. When someone is thinking of buying a pair of shoes, they will usually Google it, they don’t Facebook it, not in my experience anyway.

Let me ask you this. If you’re thinking of buying a product and you needed to know more, where do you go? You Google it don’t you? Google is the key to your thoughts and question flying around in your head.

Google’s revenue has been increasing year on year which mean business are spending more than ever on advertising. The only reason why Google’s revenue is increasing is because plain and simply, Google Adwords works. The tricky part is making it work for your business situation. If you see your competitors using Google Adwords, the chances are, they’ve managed to make it work for them. Do you deserve a piece of that action, are you brave enough to get your toes wet with Adwords?

Here are 5 top reasons why you MUST consider Google Adwords

1. Get in front of motivated buyers and leads today

As mentioned above, you have the opportunity to tap into the market right now that need your products and services. Someone today will be typing into Google to find your product and service. You can buy yourself to the top of Google, above the organic listings and someone will click your advertisement. Pointed in red are the ads. One is Google shopping (with the picture and price), the other is your standard text link ads. You literally buy your position in Google and push the organic listing further below. Whether you sell products or a service, its still the same.

2. Measurable

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. It all about the numbers isn’t it? How much in, how much comes out. It’s a bit more complex than that but just to give you and idea of what can be measured…. you can measure how much it will cost to get a single to click to your website. Seeing as you pay Google directly, you can find the going rate per click (which can be researched using Keyword Planner) for your market. Once you know the cost per click, you can model what your website will perform at. Let’s say each click cost 50p and your website converted at 10% (to get a sale / lead). 100 Google will cost you £50. If your website converted at 10%, you’ll pick up 10 sales / leads. The cost to get each sale / lead is the equivalent to £5 each. The cost per conversion is £5 to generate 1 sale / leads. There are so many more important mentics to discuss

3. Instant Feedback

You will know very fast how well your Google Adwords campaign is running. If you set up your account correctly, you’ll only be marketing to those that are interested in your products and service right now (that’s if your aim is to get sales / leads right now). Getting instant feedback means to know what figures to look at to decide what variables need tweaking, ie the landing page, the add itself, the bidding amount etc. The feedback from the campaign can be viewed with Google anlaytics or right in the Adwords admin panel itself. If the aim of your campaign is to get sales and lead right away, assuming the campaign is set up correctly, you’ll soon find out if your website can do the final job. Adwords can’t solve all your business problems but it put your website in front of ready buyers / leads.

4. Pre Qualifying the customer / lead

Did you know you can write ads in Google to repel unwanted customers? You might say in your ad text “Projects from £2,000 and above”. If the customer only has a budget of £500 then he might not be your preferred customer. You can help the lead generation process with clever writing. With Google shopping ads, the customer sees the product and price and makes an informed decision to decide if they want to know more. You will get the idiot that has no intention of buying but just wants to click your ads, you can’t really do much about that but Google does have click fraud prevention and will block users from clicking your ads.

5. In time, clicks cost in Adwords WILL increase

Googles revenues have been increasing steadily since the platform came out in 2000. Inflation is not going to stop which means Google Adwords clicks have to increase. If a click today is £1, I wouldn’t be surprised if next year it was £1.20 or more. If you’re going to consider Adwords to generate new business, you need to do it as soon as. If you know you’re going to do Adwords, do it sooner rather than later to save time and get your data so that you can make an educated business decision.

There are so many more reason but these are my top 5 today.

Next Step

Google Adwords has a steep learning curve and so many people fail when they try it out. Why? Because its not their thing. You can’t just dabble in Adwords because at the first hurdle, most people will fail the campaign right away. That is a bad approach. When I first started Adwords, I failed and spent so much money which means I’ve “earned my stripes”.

What you need is someone who knows Adwords inside out, the details that matter, that knows how to put your business in front of the right audience and buyers.

Google Adwords can work for you, you just need the right approach and systems in place to give yourself the best possible chance.

Many of my clients are enjoying Google Adwords as its brings them sales and leads all day long. If your a business that wants to get more from online then book a call with me so we can show you how Adwords is going to work in your business and the numbers you need to know.


Michael Nguyen