How Trial & Error on Google Ads Can Change Your Business

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Life is about trial and error and before I get all philosophical about this, it’s worth pointing out that sometimes you’ve got to try many times before something starts to work. You will fail at the start but as you try different ways, you’ll eventually find out what works.

So how do you apply this on Google Adwords?

I visited a client a few days ago and we discussed the campaign and its performance. This was a new ad campaign that we wanted to trial out.

The cost per click for this campaign was about £5. We sent about £150 worth of clicks which generated about 7-8 calls. This meant the cost per lead was around £18-20 per lead. This represented a conversion of between 20 and 25%. Bearing in mind, this is before a customer was converted.

In my mind, this campaign was a success because it delivered leads even on a small budget.

Here were the problems the client faced. The lead quality wasn’t so good. The enquries coming in didn’t want to spend much money to solve their problems, we only sent about 30 clicks, it was too short a campaign to judge how successful or unsuccessful the campaign was.

The client didn’t convert any of the enquires (probably due to his high fees) but also started questioning whether he wanted to serve that market? He didn’t really want to work in that area anyway but pursued it because it had potential to be profitable.

We decided to ditch the campaign even though it was generating leads and we weighed up the pro’s and cons and whether it was the right thing to do.

The campaign generated 7-8 leads, none coverted to customers (maybe the next 5 will?), the client didn’t really enjoy that segment of the market, he wasn’t as skilled in that area compared to the others, based on these numbers he may need to speak to 15 enquires before a job converts (too early to tell anyway). Even if it paid well, its still an area he didn’t want to work in.

With the other areas, he could speak to 7-8 enquires and book 3-4 jobs, for the area he wanted to work in, and then gain 3-4 new clients at the same time for a similar cost. It was a no brainer.

So how did Adwords change his business? For the cost of only £150, he managed to find out what he didn’t want to work in by testing his market with targeted clicks.

We can now free up the budget and put it into better performing campaign and focus on those instead.

The point of this case is to test test and test some more. Don’t be afraid to fail, we can always replace lost money, but we can’t replace time. Adwords can truly change the way you do business if you want it to. If you believe in Google Search and that your customers on online, and you can genuinely deliver a great service or product to them, then you owe it to your customers by putting yourself in front of them.

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Until next time, Michael you Goto Adwords Expert, signing out.

Michael Nguyen