How to control Google Ads spend on a limited budget

How to control Adwords spend on a limited budget for a niche market?

What type of online marketing do you do, if you’re on a shoe string budget? You’re business sells home ornaments and gift products and you’re trying to explore if there’s a market for your products. You have no idea what to invest. The reason you’re interested in learning more is because you’ve recently made a couple of sales on your website from customers that found your website in Google. You’ve started to research online marketing techniques such as SEO and PPC but still not sure what is out there and the possibilities, you realise you’ve neglected the online store for your main business operations instead and now is the time to do something about it.

This client came to us last month this particular scenario and we advised honestly and accordingly. Advising SEO was clearly out of the question so the only logical solution was to run an Adwords campaign. This would give us instant stats.

At Click Metrics, we aim to understand our clients wants and needs before we propose any solution and this is where you need to be analytical about your approach. The client knew he had to do something but he also had a limited budget to invest in Google Adwords. The client at this point mentioned to us that he read Google Adwords can blow a hole in your pocket very fast. That is true, it really can but only if you don’t control the spend properly.

We started to learn more about his business, products, and budget constraints. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that he needed to run a Google shopping campaign only. Below is an image of what Google shopping is when you conduct a search:



The products on his website are slightly unusual. Think of a fried egg clock, a bowl in the shape of a deflated football (soccer ball) or a peg hanger in the shape of a zebra. You can imagine that these are not the normal types of products you want to promote to your average buyer. Buyers of these nature are, shall we say…quirky. With that said, running a normal text Adwords campaign might not have been the best solution and we justified this decision because we felt the average buyer is not looking to buy a fried egg clock if he’s in the market for a clock. We knew this campaign had to deliver visits and clicks quickly to get results but we had to ensure the visits were highly targeted.

The ideas for this campaign is that we needed a way to pre qualify the visitor before they landed on the website due to the nature of the products being sold. If the customer was able to see the images of the unusual products first with the pricing next to it, then if they clicked into the website then we can only hope it matched what they want.

The client mentioned “the visitor might be here due to curiosity”. That may be true and what the client was really saying to us:  “I don’t want untargeted visits”. As digital marketing specialist, our role is to also manage expectations and to educate how Adwords work and a buyer’s motive. In this case, we told the client it’s impossible to run a 100% perfect campaign and this was the only approach.

We knew the client had many unusual products on the website so we had to ensure the budget was tightly focused on a specific category or product that was easiest to sell. With Adwords, it can be very easy to spread the budget too thinly because you have to think about conversion rates i.e how many clicks do you need before a sale is made. These are the types of questions that needed answering to give the campaign a chance to perform. With the client’s limited budget, we decided the following:

1. Google Adwords Shopping Campaign – Customer will be able to see image and price first

2. Focus on a specific category

3. Focus on a set of products

The above approach, takes into account, the limited Adwords budget, how unusual the products are, method of tightly focusing advertising spend on a category and product.

More importantly, this was the RIGHT step for the client. We would rather advise a campaign that gave the client what he needed instead of what we wanted to sell.

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