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FREE No Strings Attached Google Ads Video Audit! 📹
Do you want more sales & leads to your business using Google Ads?
Let me tell you exactly how I can do that for you!
Hi 👋 My name is Michael Nguyen and my superpower is using Google Ads! 💪
I've been working with Google Ads since 2012 and I know HOW to bring new customers from Google to:
✅ Electricians
✅ Plumbers
✅ Solicitors
✅ Estate Agents
✅ Online shops
✅ and more...
Basically businesses that require more phone calls and online orders.
I've studied a lot, made my fair share of mistakes 😬 but now I'm great! 😊
But before I start charging for my services I want to work for FREE by creating an audit video for you.
I can find issues with your Google Ads account and you can decide how to fix it.
I guarantee to find something that will save and earn you more 💰 with Google Ads.
If we don't work together, that's totally fine as well, just pass on my name if you thought I did great work 🙏
All I ask is that you watch my Google Ads video audit of my skills about your business 📹
All I really want from you in the end is your testimonial about the work I've done for you! 😊
One last thing 👇
I can't do this for free for everybody 😞
This demands a lot of time! So I can only probably do about 10 a month.
Do you want a better performing Google Ads account? Get a free Google Ads Audit today 🔥
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"Michael's campaign has generated many new leads to our accounting firm over the last 12 months and we’re enjoying top Google rankings for our terms. We saw a massive improvement within the first week"


"Our web visits and leads have increased month on month. Our year on year stats have increased by 129%"

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Spots are limited as creating these video audits is a time consuming process. I'm only aiming to create 10 per month. If you want a free audit, fill in the form today.