5 SEO Tips When You Can’t Advertise On Google Ads

Depending on the niche you’re in, you probably have free reign to promote your business far and wide over the internet but if you’re in a niche where its legal to be selling products but banned from mass advertising, then you have a problem.

Facebook and Google Adwords do not allow ads if its not within their guidelines. You may be a legitimate business but if you’re not allowed to advertise on their network then you need to try something else. Luckily, Google does not ban websites in questionable niche.

Some local business are doing well locally from foot traffic, referral & recommendations etcs but they also do see a need to use the power of the internet to reach far and wide to new customers. How else are you going to grow if you’re only market is local people?

With Facebook, Youtube and all the new social networks, which have billions of users, there is nothing more powerful than getting in front of someone who wants to buy now. All the other marketing platforms such as Facebook and Youtubes all have its place in business but if you want immediate buyers that are looking for a product / service, nothing beats the search engines. Think about it, the first thing you go to when you’re deciding to buy something is Google it. Not Facebook or Youtube. With that said, if you can position your website in front of Google to both Shoppers (not ready to buy) and also in front of buyers (those that are ready to pull the trigger), there is a higher chance of converting that visitor into a sale or enquiry.

Luckily, there are two areas within Google which allows you to promote your business but if you’re not allowed Adwords, then you still have the organic listings. Don’t forget Bing and Yahoo search engine.

You’re probably in a tough market if you’re banned from doing mass / paid advertising but don’t give up on Google organic search. Here are 5 quick tips so you can improve your Google rankings

1. Add the words “Buy”, “For sale”, “Purchase” to your title tags – This will attract ready buyers
2. Use the words purchase, shop, words closed related to “buying” (where possible) on the pages eg the texts area
3. Blog regularly – This may seem obvious but when you blog about a topic you naturally add different keywords to the pages and this will attract obscure searches in Google where you’re pages can get picked up.
4. Create useful pages – Instead of just creating mass product pages, create “how to…” type of pages, or 5 tips to …pages, so you can funnel organic website visits into your website which you can link to your products. This is where you funnel window shoppers into your business.
5. Here’s one that many business owners forget to do, which is to simple ask for a link of their supplier, manufacturer, website. This will definitely help with your Google positions.

As with anything SEO, there is nothing guaranteed but with new ideas and testing, you’re bound to get better search engine visits. Just make sure you know how to read your Google analytic correctly otherwise you could be reading false information.

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