How Trial & Error on Adwords Can Change Your Business

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Life is about trial and error and before I get all philosophical about this, it’s worth pointing out that sometimes you’ve got to try many times before something starts to work. You will fail at the start but as you try different ways, you’ll eventually find out what works.

So how do you apply this on Google Adwords?
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Thinking of Using Adwords? Here’s How to Test Your Market

I’m sure you’ve been in business long enough or at least have heard what Google Adwords is right? If not, Adwords is an online advertising platform where you can put your business to the top of Google (via sponsored ads), so that a prospective customer can click on your website and hopefully you get an enquiry or sale.

You pay Google for each click. The cost for each click is based on an auction model and in general, the more you’re willing to pay the higher your advertisement is.

The cost per click (CPC) varies from industry to industry and is pretty much dictated by the life time value of a customer.

Generally, the higher the transaction with the customer, the higher the cost per click will be.

Life is about testing and trying out new things and Adwords is no different. If you can see the value of getting infront of customers that are ACTIVELY looking for your type of product / service, then you definitely need to start Adwords and test your market.
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How to Spend the “Right” Budget with Adwords

I’ve seen many Adwords campaigns where budgets spent have gone out of control and accounts where they weren’t spending enough. There is no right formula shall we say but there are a few factors which I feel can help you build a framework to come up with the right budget that is suitable and will help manage your expectations. When I speak to new Adwords client, the number 1 thing they always say is:

How much does Adwords cost?
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Top 5 Reasons to use Google Adwords in Your Business

Most business owners I speak to generate their customers through word of mouth, referrals, recommendations, networking etc. This is all good but what it means is that you’re relying on leads which comes in dribs & drabs or in waves.

I’ve been guilty of relying on this myself and I’ve benefited greatly. They say “don’t put your eggs in one basket” and this is exactly what I’ve done in the past which came back to bite me my ass!

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How to control Adwords spend on a limited budget

How to control Adwords spend on a limited budget for a niche market?

What type of online marketing do you do, if you’re on a shoe string budget? You’re business sells home ornaments and gift products and you’re trying to explore if there’s a market for your products. You have no idea what to invest. The reason you’re interested in learning more is because you’ve recently made a couple of sales on your website from customers that found your website in Google. You’ve started to research online marketing techniques such as SEO and PPC but still not sure what is out there and the possibilities, you realise you’ve neglected the online store for your main business operations instead and now is the time to do something about it.

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